Seattle Cargo Containers

September 16, 2008

In the Pacific NW, where winter winds can blow hard and rain falls like a bucket of water turned upside down, storage containers have become part of what Northwesterners consider important security containment of their goods.  From agricultural to school districts, cargo containers are bought up, delivered and set on site, ready to be filled.  Air and water tight (and don’t leak), nothing comes close to the versatility and affordability of a steel cargo container.   Where most homeowners opt for (and in most cases rightly so), to build their own storage shed, most find that with the costs of lumber, permits, site preparation and not to mention man hours, a storage shed is out of the question.  Some, in discovering that local covenants prohibit putting a steel container onto their site, find themselves going miles out of their way (unless they’re lucky enough to find something close-by) to a storage facility where they end up paying month after month, when a shipping container could have been bought for far less.  A cargo container, 20′, 40′ or 48′ can be delivered and set onto a site that doesn’t need special preparation (although a bed of gravel makes the site more presentable and can help with run-off).  At that point it’s ready to use.  Fill it up with household goods, recreational toys or business equipment, your shipping container will never let you down.  It’s right where you need it, doing what it does best….protecting your investments.


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