Buying Cargo Containers In Seattle

September 22, 2008

So, you’ve decided to buy a cargo container.  Well good for you!  You’ll never regret the decision….unless of course you bought it without doing the 5 IMPORTANT things you need to do first.  Sea container looking a little seedy?  Does a door hang like a wet rag after you opened it?  Is there an exotic odor akin to week old road kill wafting from inside?  Can you imagine grandma’s face knowing her antique, brocade sofa is sitting in that?  When you purchase your shipping container, you need to realize that it’s probably 10 to 20 years old and has seen a lot of travel across the sea.  No telling what was shipped in it. We at West Coast Containers go out of our way to make sure that all cargo containers we sell are in good working order and free from anything that would make the buyer unhappy with the product.  So in your search for the perfect shipping containers, keep in mind the 5 important steps you, the consumer, need to take to get the best value for your money.


Make sure that the rust you see hasn’t gone through to the interior of the sea container.  If it has, chances are good the cargo container isn’t made of nickle based, cor-ten steel.  This material hinders rust from eating away at the cargo container


Pay particular attention to see if the doors open and shut easily.  Cargo containers have a double swing door at one end.  These doors are over-lapping and very heavy.  If you can’t manuver them, you’ll have a very hard time trying to fill your cargo container or retrieve items when you need to.  So make sure the doors align and are easy to handle.


Take a walk inside the shipping container and also check to make sure the floors are straight and don’t have any soft spots that could cave in.  The cargo containers at West Coast Containers are made of durable, poly-marine, ship plank wood.  It stays straight without warping and also allows for easy gliding of items that are being placed inside.  While some scratches and slight stains are common, the floor itself should have no buckling.


As mentioned earlier at the start of this article, nothing is worse then opening up a cargo container that had been sealed for several weeks to smell the aroma of decayed fish or whatever else might have been shipped in the unit.  We make sure that our sea containers are clean and free of any strange, and lingering odors.


Last but not least, inspect the door seals to make sure they haven’t cracked and are still pliable enough to securely seal the doors.  Seals are primary in keeping out water and the elements to maintain that items stored inside stay dry and clean.  Our cargo containers are outfitted with new seals if we see that they have deteriorated to the point they are useless.


Just as you wouldn’t buy a used car without kicking a few tires, don’t buy a used cargo container without making this checklist first.  It will make your investment last many years longer and get you and what you need stored off to a great start!





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