Ocean Container Second Looks

September 30, 2008

We’re all glued to the news wondering what financial institution is going to collapse next.  But one thing hasn’t changed.  Ocean containers are still arriving at ports, loaded with goods that we hope we’ll all be able to purchase in the future.  The one, single-most purchase that we may not be able to obtain is that of becoming a homeowner.  At least not the near future.  While manufactured homes are much lower priced than stick built homes, even they will be too hard to purchase soon.  It might not be a good time to bring it up, but with all the talk about cargo container homes, it might be well worth our time to explore this option for home buyers.  Abundant, inexpensive, a help toward recycling a viable product, shipping container living could be an answer for affordable housing.  Land and permits would be the greatest expense in constructing a cargo container home, but once beyond the loopholes, a sturdy home could be erected in no time.

American Steel Cargo Containers purchases the best quality ocean containers we can.  That concern is now foremost in our selling point since we’ve seen a steady increase in customers who are thinking of utilizing our cargo containers for homes, offices, or shops.  We take the utmost care to make sure that none of the shipping containers we buy housed hazardous materials of any kind.  Cargo container living is a viable option for homeownership.  I firmly believe that we’ll see more in the decades to come.


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